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Dental care is an important part of the veterinary practice.

Preventing and treating oral issues is the focus of any vet but the proper equipment is required for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Across the U.S.A., DNTLworks Animal Health offers a comprehensive line of quality vet dental equipment to veterinary practices.

Exceptional Quality

We have received international recognition as one of the world's leading manufacturers not only for self-contained dental equipment but also for portable and mobile dental equipment.

We properly equip animal health professionals and other medical professionals with the necessary tools to reach their goals and effectively educate the healthcare community on the use of the various dental equipment we offer.

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Things Every Day.

USA-Built Animal Health Equipment

Since 1986,

We have been committed to following certain ideals to ensure we provide our customer base with only the highest levels of quality.

We shine when it comes to incorporating only the highest-quality American-made components into our products. We focus on exclusively offering products that have been meticulously crafted, pre-tested, and inspected all within our country for maximum oversight and supervision.

When you choose DNTLworks Animal Health, you have made the choice for excellence.

We are proud to offer an incredibly short lead time between all our processes, all without sacrificing quality. With over 30 years of manufacturing excellence, we guarantee to manufacture and deliver the quality vet dental equipment clients around the world associate with DNTLworks Animal Health, all within an unmatched lead time.