DBI VE-4M Treatment Console

Like the DBI VE-2ME?Treatment Console, the?DBI VE-4M Treatment Console is an All-in-One Mobile Delivery System which only requires an electrical connection. Compact and lightweight this unique unit is equipped with an Eco-Friendly, 3/4 Horsepower, Oil-Free Compressor eliminating oil exposure to patients and no messy oil changes. Sturdy height adjustable, this delivery system features automatic instrument selection and a single dual clean water system.


This All-Inclusive Unit Comes Standard With

  • An Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler with LED (3 Tips, 1 Metal Torque Wrench)
  • Push-Button, Single Spray SWIVEL, and Quick disconnect Fiber Optic Highspeed Handpiece
  • A 5k Polisher
  • Three Way Syringe with Removable Tip
  • Foot Control
  • Stainless Steel Tray
  • Quick Release Reservoir of 2 liters
  • Startup Kit composed of 10 Disposable Prophy Angles + Polishing Paste
  • DBI 4 L Oil-Free Compressor of .07 Horsepower Fused and Overload Protected


Table Top & U Frame

  • External Dimensions (in): 18? L x 16.5? W X 37.5? H (extended)
  • External Dimensions (cm): 45.72 L X 45.72 W X 95.25 H
  • Packaged Unit Dimensions (in): 24? L X 24? W X 31? H
  • Packaged Unit Dimensions (cm): 60.96 L X 60.96 W X 78.74 H
  • Actual Weight: 37 Lbs/16.78 kg
  • Packaged Unit Weight: 49 Lbs/22.22 kg
  • Power: 115V or 220V
    Scaler: 28,000 Hz ? 30,000 Hz
  • Tank Volume: N/A
  • Air Flow: N/A
  • Limited Warranty: 2 Years = Chassis (frame), Internal Components, Ultrasonic Scaler PC Board, Scaler Handpiece
    1 Year = Three-Way Air/Water Syringe
    6 Month = Low Speed Polisher, Fiber Optic HighSpeed Handpiece (except tubrine)
    3 Month = Scaler Tips, Scaler Sleeves, Scaler Tip Wrenches, Turbine for the High Speed Handpiece, Lamp Module


  • External Dimensions (in): 16.5? L X 7.25? W X 18.5? H
  • External Dimensions (cm): 41.91 L X 18.42 W X 46.99 H
  • Packaged Unit Dimensions (in): 22? L X 10? W X 21? H
  • Packaged Unit Dimensions (cm): 25.40 L X 55.88 W X 53.34 H
  • Actual Weight: 53 Lbs/25.04 kg
  • Packaged Unit Weight: 56 Lbs/25.40 kg
  • Power: 550 W (3/4 HP)
  • Tank Volume: 4 Liters
  • Air Flow: 115 L/min (4.11 C.F.M.)
  • Limited Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty if sold separately, except the filter
    2-year Limited Warranty if sold together with the Mobile Unit, except the filter
    3 Month = Air Filter


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