Portable Stool


Every veterinary office needs well-designed stools for staff members who will be performing teeth cleanings and other dental procedures. We offer a complete range of stools for veterinary staff, all of which are ergonomically designed, made with comfy plush upholstery, and simple to set up. Our field stool is sturdy, stable, and lightweight, and it?s made to be as versatile as possible. We also offer a comfortable operator?s stool that can be pulled out and used in any setting, as well as an assistant?s stool that includes a convenient support arm and an adjustable footrest.




Portable Stools

Our portable operator?s stools are ergonomically shaped, providing maximum comfort all while functioning exactly like traditional office stools. With plush upholstery and saddle-shaped seat cushion with a D-back, we deliver nothing but the absolute best. Other colors and fabrics besides the traditional gray stone vinyl are possible.

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