The ProPak I


ProPak operatories were built with one goal in mind?efficient and practical field use. Our delivery unit is fully portable, making it ideal for mobile veterinary clinic work. The ProPak units work in combination with our DNTLworks Animal Health ProAir portable and quiet compressors. However, the ProPak also works with bottled gas or hospital air supplies. Combining an internal water supply with two handpiece connections, the ProPak is the perfect option for applications that do not need suction. Custom configurations are available, and as with the ProStart, the ProPak features an ABS/Polycarbonate and ATA-style design. Featuring a waste collection system and a lightweight case, the ProPak I provides both durability and innovative features.


With a clean air supply that is both moisture and oil-free, your work environment, whether in the office or on the field, will never be contaminated by oil. Other features include:



  • Color-coded connections for easy identification, training, and utilization.
  • Hospital-grade wiring. NEMA type 5-15P plug.
  • 15-amp circuit protection.
    • Dimensions: 16? x 43.5? x 25?
    • Sound level: 46dB
    • Compressor type: 1/3 HP, oil free
    • Operating pressure: 70 to 100 psi compressor
    • Regulated pressure 65 psi air system
    • Flow rate: 2.5 scfm at 40 psi compressor
    • Volume air tank: 1 gal, 3.7 liter
    • Volume water container: 1-liter bottle

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