Founded in 1986, DNTLworks Equipment Corporation quickly became recognized as the leading manufacturer in a portable, mobile, and self-contained veterinary dental equipment in the U.S.A. DNTLworks Animal Health is committed to providing only the very best when it comes to the quality and innovation of our products.

Not only are our products suitable for a traditional office setting,

they are also more than ideal for use in the field, with rugged material in a sophisticated design.

By combining state-of-the-art technology with durable products and constant innovation, the DNTLworks Animal Health product line is known across the world for seamless simplicity. And with three decades of experience under our belt, we are well qualified to not only offer our made-to-order products, but also custom configurations tailored to your professional needs and preferences. We are more than willing to speak with you and share our knowledge and experience to advise you on any aspects of dental equipment.

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Our Philosophy

We are relentless in our drive to manufacture only the very best.

We are the country?s total solution for offering the highest levels of care, not only for the patient but also for your bottom line. We?re committed to giving veterinary practices the necessary tools to provide better patient care and improve your business and practices. We do this by sourcing and manufacturing all our materials within the U.S.A. This allows us to ensure that all materials used are of exceptional quality. All products are extensively checked, inspected, and tested and are made to order. Combined with our thorough guarantee, we ensure that all clients have total peace of mind and confidence when placing an order through DNTLworks Animal Health.

We strongly believe in innovating the face of the dental industry and have stayed true to our philosophy over the years. When we first started, our product line had just a few items. Now, we have over 100 products.

From entry-level ProCare delivery units,

To some of the most sophisticated and self-contained portable delivery systems on the market (the Portable II?),

DNTLworks Animal Health has truly revolutionized the face of veterinary dental care. We have advantageously positioned ourselves in the market by constantly innovating and developing new products, as well as upgrading existing models. For example, the ProPak II builds on the earlier model by including larger containers, suction and a waste collection system. Designed for effortless use, many of our best features are understated but entirely innovative, allowing the experts to focus on what is most important: their practice.

We invite you to connect with us today and learn about what we can best offer to your veterinary practice. For more information, call us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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